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You have 8 seconds to catch a users attention. Make it count.

We live in a digital age where the attention span of consumers are diminishing by the moment. You have 8 seconds to keep your website visitors interest, which is less than the attention span of a goldfish (eek). No pressure! If your current website includes these elements, you are in a good position to capture their attention. Here a four questions that need to be answered within 8 seconds.

1. What is this website about?

I know this sounds pretty obvious, however, most people do not immediately share what their website is about. Stating your business name alone is not enough. An easier way to capitalize on this timeframe is to introduce the main problem your target audience face (in relation to your business), and then the solution your company provides. This is a sure way to quickly catch your users attention.

2. Does this business capture my interest?

Having an appealing website is a sure way to attract your users. Implementing engaging photos, typography and design will work in your favor. Capturing high resolution images of your work and, or products is a great way to keep your users attention.

3. What should I do?

Tell your website visitors exactly what you want them to do - quickly. If your main call to action is to have them book a consultation, this should be evident upon landing.

4. Do I trust them?

If you passed all the three questions above, great! A great way to close and capture that user is by having trust emblems throughout the site. This may include testimonials, ensuring the site is secure if your business sells products and being active on social media.

There is a science behind design.When designing a website you must keep your target audience in mind. Here at JOA we design from a marketing perspective. If you are interested in having a website developed for your business you can request a consultation here. Your Convert Expert,


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