Mumbai: Wait– that was the punch line!

Originally published on May 27th, 2014 on 

On Saturday night we attended a Comedy Show at Blue Frog, in “Town” presented by Comedy Central and the Comedy Store. I wouldn’t really say that I am very familiar with comedy, because I’m not. However, I do know that one of the best ways to get insight into a culture, is to attend a comedy show. Comedians say everything that people don’t want to say. They expose truths, take risky jabs at serious topics and entertain, all at the same damn time.

In sum, the comedy show that we attended at Blue Frog was very funny. However, we missed a lot of the punch lines because they were in Hindi… I, personally, just kind of wasn’t sure what was going on because the comedians were speaking Hinglish, and since they speak English so quickly, I wasn’t sure if some things were being spoken in Hindi or English. Even so, we still seemed to find most things to be pretty funny— whether or not they were in Hindi, English or Hinglish. I think that part of this is due to the fact that at the time of attending the show, we’d already been in Mumbai for an entire week.

I used to think that I needed just 24 hours to be able to understand a city on a basic level, but I see that I was indeed very wrong. The comedy show definitely enhanced my understanding of Mumbai. On Sunday, we went to Juhu Beach in Bandra. I didn’t get in the water because it was a dark brown color. I thought that Charlotte Beach in Rochester, NY was bad… but Juhu beach topped my personal Worst Beaches in the World list. The water was a really dirty brown and there was garbage everywhere. My snobby West Indian attitude wouldn’t even allow me to get close to the water– I say this because the water in the Caribbean is crystal clear. However, Juhu beach wasn’t THAT bad. The little eating places were really cute and nice, but I was frightened about getting sick from the food—which I did end up getting slightly sick from. So, maybe it kind of was…

We also did a little bit of shopping at Fab India, which was incredibly amazing, although I wasn’t able to find any kind of prints that I liked. Then, we got lunch at a very cool multi-floor, restaurant called Candie’s that served a more Western take on Indian food. I didn’t really like it but a lot of my peers did… to each his own!

In the late evening, I strengthened my haggling technique tenfold at Hill Road Market. I bought lots of bangles, and two beautiful pairs of shoes for myself and a family member (either my mother or mysister— I haven’t decided yet). Overall, this past weekend was pretty chill and exciting!