Mumbai: Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself…

Originally published on May 22nd, 2014 on

My name is dance! OH, D-to-the-A-to-the-NCE

On Wednesday, I was reintroduced to a long lost frenemy; her name is dance. In high school I took two dance classes: a general dance class and a class that featured jazz, pop and caribbean dances.

Since then, I haven’t really taken any dance classes, with the exception of Zumba which is but isn’t dance.

Dance and I are frenemies. Dance has always been the friendliest to me, or maybe I should say that I haven’t been the friendliest to dance. When I took those dance classes in high school and middle school, I simply did it to get out of gym. This was the first problem.

I didn’t have any motivation or desire to learn. I also wasn’t committed to the craft. I basically used dance to fulfill a requirement in order to graduate high school.

The second problem is that dance wasn’t easy— it was barely even fun. Essentially, the first problem created the second problem. My lack of dedication disallowed me to give 110%, which is the real fun in dancing. Friends in these classes would always mock me because it wasn’t easy for me to get into the dances (aka I was stiff when I had no reason to be). So, dance and I have had a love-hate relationship. More of a love relationship in college when dancing and partying became one, but that’s a story for another day.

Dance and I met again when we (#subollywood2014) began rehearsing for our first project– the Bollywood item number.* In only 3 hours of practice…we learned roughly 3 minutes of dance choreo (which I personally believe is impressive for 12 film students) we dripped in sweat, we hurt, we begun to smell, we worked and worked and worked and we loved and accomplished.

I fell in love.

Bollywood dance is both beautiful and amazing. It’s fun, energetic and lively. It’s unlike any kind of dance that I’ve ever experienced and I am eternally grateful that I’ll pack today’s dance moves into my bag of amazing life experiences.

For the first time, I am excited to learn more about dance. There’s a desire inside of me burning so passionately that I am compelled to spend hours watching and studying Bollywood dance choreography. To say the least, I’ve already downloaded the mp3 file of the song that we’re performing to in the item number, onto my iPod.

TODAY (Thursday) we continued to practice for the big presentation on Friday. However, today was different. It wasn’t only us 12 film students… we were joined by four amazing Indian Bollywood dancer, which, if you haven’t already guessed, is intimidating.

Now that dance and I have returned to the loving part of our relationship, I was very confident. The one challenge that I am facing is the teaching style of the dance instructor. Don’t get me wrong, Sanjvi, is AMAZING— he’s been incredibly patient (we’re film students) and fully dedicated to us.

BUT I’m used to learning dance steps, step-by-step, always using counts. This isn’t the way that we’ve learned the choreo, which, in turn, has slightly hindered my body’s comprehension of the dance moves. Regardless— I’m up for the challenge! In fact, I’m SOOO up for the challenge that I decided to volunteer for the hardcore dance sections.**

Right now it’s a little after 11:30 PM on Wednesday night, and in this moment my confidence and motivation are at a high. I guess they have to be because tomorrow is the BIG DAY. At 2:30 PM we’ll start rehearsing for about an hour. A few hours ago I bought new shoes (to most likely ruin while dancing), some spandex shorts (to wear under my costume) and some other for-the-sheer-pleasureof-shopping items.

Biggest concern: being able to remain highly energetic from 6 PM tomorrow until 6 AM on Saturday morning. Will we survive? Will we ever be able to show our faces in Bollywood again? Only time will tell…stay tuned!


*Item number: Bollywood or Hindi Cinema term for music video.

**Full commitment and participation in the hardcore dance sections, while the camera is rolling, is pending.